I’m thankful for your help!

Dear Friends,

Three months ago, we kicked off this campaign by starting our petition drive for my candidacy for the Mayor of Chicago. On Monday, our campaign filed almost THREE TIMES the amount of required signatures. It is only because of you and your efforts that we were able to reach this huge milestone.

Words cannot express my thanks for all of the time and energy that you spent asking for signatures and sharing our message – before and after work, on the weekends, in the rain and the cold, on your free time. You have shown support by talking to your friends and neighbors, passing out literature, making donations. I have seen many of you along the way and have enjoyed hearing everyone swapping stories about the people they have encountered on the campaign trail.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. POLITICO and other media outlets have coined us the “stealth” campaign. There are reports of our volunteers spotted all around Chicago. To have collected so many signatures with nothing but unpaid volunteers is an accomplishment unmatched by any of the other candidates. Our volunteer force is the backbone of our campaign and your commitment and effort will bring us to victory in February.

Jannine and I have so much to be thankful for, not the least of which is your friendship and support. Happy Thanksgiving!