Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

I hope you and your family have time to relax and reflect on the year that was.

Recently, I was asked by a newspaper for MY favorite holiday memory and here’s what I told them:

It was December 2000. My wife, Jannine, and I were newly married and we had just completed the mountains of paperwork to adopt our first child and start our family.

We were anxious and checked email minute-upon-minute. We kept every phone call short so the line was free. It was Christmas Eve morning at our townhouse and the phone rang – the best present we could have asked for. News that we had a son and he was coming home.

This holiday, my family and I will be thinking about the anxieties faced by so many who want to build THEIR family in Chicago and are struggling because of worries about violence, the high cost of living or decent education.

Very shortly, our campaign will hit the ground running to confront these issues. We’ve gotten this far because of the hard work of people like you – and we’ll need you even more in the days to come.

But for now, on behalf of my wife Jannine and our family, I want to thank you and wish you and your family joy during these holidays and Merry Christmas.