Veterans served our country and Chicago has to give back to them. This means coordinating assistance, providing for those experiencing homelessness, increasing educational opportunities and facilitating employment.

Agency Coordination

  • Chicago must work more closely with state, federal and local agencies to coordinate the delivery of health services, particularly AODA and mental health services.
  • City resources should be used to ensure that data on services for veterans is tracked and shared, to help enhance opportunities in housing, jobs and health.
  • The city must work to enforce federal preferential hiring guidelines for veterans and their families.
  • The city should partner with and leverage existing, effective programs like A Safe Haven. Experienced professional organizations that have been serving the needs of veterans will be able to better serve the population with coordinated support of city resources.

Veterans Village

  • A Veterans Village would be an investment in veterans currently experiencing homelessness and would provide housing, employment and health services on an interim basis, en route to stable employment and stable housing.