Better Government

Anything that results in greater transparency and accountability is better for the city and its people. Chicagoans deserve a fair and honest government.

Transparent and Accountable Government

Sadly, Chicago is known as much for its crime as its corruption. We’ve become numb to both, but they are both related. The lack of trust in City Hall directly affects our ability to confront the violence in the streets, as well as our crises in education and municipal finance The lack of hope-and trust-is a cycle we have to break. Total transparency is the first step to breaking this cycle. As first steps to enhance better government I will:
  • Term limits for elected officials — two terms for Mayor and three terms for City Council members.
  • Reduce the size of the City Council to 25 members or less.
  • Establish rotating committee chairs that are elected by board members, rather than appointed by the Mayor.
  • Require Aldermen and their staff to maintain a record of all contacts and communications regarding zoning decisions.
  • Ban outside employment for elected officials.
  • Expand the Inspector General’s authority to include oversight of the City Council.